2008 Tiger Notices


On Saturday, June 16, 2007, Chung Wah Alumni Association held its 74th Annual Meeting and Luncheon at New King Ting Restaurant (擎天酒樓).

More than 75 alumni, family and friends joined us to honor our trustee Charlie Lum (陳如常) for more than sixty years of outstanding service.  James Chow (周永昌) presented Charlie with a certificate of  appreciation.  Charlie played several songs on his harmonica for us.  Thanks, Charlie! We hope you will do an encore for us at our 75th Anniversary Luncheon!

Tony Lau (劉加聰), our Chung Wah Alumni Association President for the last 4 years, was also presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his outstanding service and leadership at our annual luncheon. Thanks Tony for all your hard work and contributions.

A delicious Chinese Banquet luncheon was enjoyed by everyone. We also had a chance to meet all the new Chung Wah graduates, who we hope will be the new alumni members.

This year is our 75th Anniversary. The Board and the officers are busy making plans for this special event. We will tell you more about it as soon as we have the final arrangements. So, save the date, Saturday, June 21, 2008!

- Wendy Ng (譚穎眉), Women’s Activity Chairperson



Chairman of the Board, James Chow presented Charlie Lum with a Certificate of Appreciation for his excellent service of 60 years.


Chairman of the Board, James Chow presented President Tony Lau with a Certificate of Recognition for his four years of outstanding service as a president.

Chung Wah Alumni Association (美洲中華中學校同學會)

2007-2009 Officers (二零零七年七月一日至二零零九年六月三十日職員表)


Chairman of the Board of Directions (董事長)         ------         James Chow (周永昌)

President (會長)     ------------------------------------         Sandy Ho (何美華)

Vice President (副會長)        -----------------------------         Tony Lau (劉加聰)

Secretary (文書)         ------------------------------------         Genevieve Louie (關婉嫣)

Treasurer (財政)         ------------------------------------         Jessie Eng (朱芝兒)

Executive Secretary (總裁)    --------------------------         Alex Zhou (周建宇)

Publicity (宣傳科主任)       ------------------------------         Lance Wong (黃明燦)

Social Chairman (交際科主任)    ---------------------         Randy Zhen (甄健雄)

Men’s Activity (男遊藝科主任)    --------------------         Stilwell Yang (楊志勇)

Women’s Activity (女遊藝科主任)    -----------------         Wendy Ng (譚穎眉)


Scholarship Chairman (獎學金委員會主任/副主任)

Charlie Lum (陳如常) / James Chow (周永昌)

Scholarship Committee Members (委員)

Bernice Pu                    潘秀芳           (2006-2008)

Jessie Eng                     朱芝兒           (2006-2008)

Genevieve Louie            關婉嫣           (Appointed)


Chairman of the Board of Trustees (信託委員長) --------   Irene Gee (方潤麗)

Trustee Members (信託委員):

-   Irene Gee              方潤麗      (2006-2008)

-   Tony Lau                 劉加聰         (past president)

-   Kenneth Hall          何文銳      (2006-2008)

-   Kendall Quong        江隹境         (2007-2009)

-   Lillie Wong            黃鳳瓊      (2006-2008)

-   James Chow            周永昌         (2007-2009)

-   Calise Cheng         鄭棪元      (2007-2009)




Advisor (顧問) ------------------------------------------------          George Jeong (張湘意)


Ken Hall, Ellen Chow, James Chow, Raymond Chow, and Kendall Quong enjoyed the gathering.


The honoree Charlie Lum and wife Helen.

“Gee, it was sure nice to see you!” was echoed throughout the party.  Bing Louie, Bernice Pun, James Chow, and Lillie Wong.


Alumni Wendy Tom Ng’s Son, Clifford Ng was married in Sausalito, CA September 16, 2007. Cliff and Marisa are living in San Francisco. They honeymooned in France, Italy, and Switzerland.

James Chow, Genevieve Louie, and faculty member Zhao Shi Wan with the new graduates.


Our newest member, Fay Wong celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary on July 31, 2007 with husband, David Wong.

Suzette Gon, Lillie Wong, James Chow, and Jean Chu enjoyed chatting about their good old school.



William Quan, James Chow, Marge Fong, Wendy Ng with Principal Li Shubang.